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Every time a friend of mine retold the same stories that happened to him (some of which I had witnessed in person), the details changed, the events took a different turn, even the ending differed. But I never minded it or reproached him for it. Really. Because he truly could tell a story. He would create endless versions of one insignificant incident. It seemed that his memory store was not some kind of a freezer but an ever-boiling pot in which, with the help of various spices, the taste of the original dish was constantly changing. And it made me think: how many stories could I tell about some simple thing? That’s how forty-two stories came to exist. It was clear to me how to start them, but I didn’t always know the ending in advance. But that made all the more fun.
Sigitas Virpilaitis

Sigitas Virpilaitis is one of the most prominent and most revered Lithuanian jewellers - and undoubtedly the most unpredictable of them.
Having set off on his creative path in the 1980s, with each piece and each exhibition,
he leaves a distinct imprint on the memory of the audience and has an indisputable influence on the field of Lithuanian designer jewellery. In over thirty years of creative work, he has held only seven personal exhibitions, each of which has become an event.

Now, in his eighth solo show, Virpilaitis reveals the previously unexplored aspect of his work – monumentality, presenting figures of
various shapes made from various materials, all of which are... bracelets. A single piece of jewellery, transformed into a sculptural object intended for the body, simultaneously becomes a continuation of the body, a creator of history, and an independent work of art.



Artist - Sigitas Virpilaitis

Curator - Jurgita Ludavičienė

Exhibition architect - Sigita Simona Paplauskaitė

Graphic design - Lina Bastienė

Photography - Gintarė Grigėnaitė

Organisers - Museum of Applied Arts and Design of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art, Jewellery School Vilnensis


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