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curator, exhibition design

"The idea that people can agree to something with the very same principles, and especially that you can find someone to set up a collective of people that think the way you do, makes a dream of many individual souls, which are eager to benefit the collective intelligence of the humanity in their practice. Nevertheless, this might be a hard concept to live with for many artists and architects who enjoy ownership and praise over their work.

L’escaut architecture studio dares to bring this idea into practice and for many years invests loads of time in negotiations, tests, discussions, and experiments on the holistic and practical approach of a collective body. More so, they export this idea to their closest environment – involving artists to participate in architectural projects and, in return - participating in feedback sessions on the artistic endeavors, expanding the tone and notion of collaborations with other architectural experts, such as critics, engineers, builders… This experience proves to show how “aligned thoughts” might result in beautifully rich projects, expressing an intricate relation to the quality of place in regards to its urban and social context.

Architecture is not about walls, it is about life and those who take part in it. An architectural idea, born in the author’s head sprout from deeply seeded cultural roots and understanding about the world.

Architecture is not about the architect, it celebrates the best of the marriage between the creative potential and technical knowledge and skills.

Architecture is not about representation; it helps to improve communication with each other and sets everyone up for the same values and goals.

Architecture is as robust, as it is ephemeral; it evolves, breathes, breaks in time, it can get different connotations in time and can never be determined to one fixed state of drawing or existing situation. It is a mere celebration of the temporality of co-existence and collective thought."

5/1/2020 @ L'Escaut architectures - A debate around the work of l'escaut, both around its architectural and artistic projects, focusing on the notions of collectivity and transversality in practice.


P1000691 copy.JPG

Exhibition curator and author - Sigita Simona Paplauskaite

Exhibition co-curator - Olivier Bastin

Realized for the 30th anniversary of l'escaut architectures

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