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Munich, DE


"46 years ago, in March 1969, Yoko and John started a secret revolution.

On wall-high windows the Bed-In of the pacifist lovers at the Hilton wrote "BED PEACE" over the city of Amsterdam that was sprawling in the background. Already at that time the cleverest pop stars in the universe knew that world peace as well as personal happiness need nothing but a large bed and a great hairdo. This insight has finally also reached Hans-Mielich-Platz square. The collective mehralsnurWIR has mercy and gives the quarter of Giesing a helping hand. A gigantic mattress combines kitchen table, sofa and party cellar. It offers a cozy shelter for all those who have realized that the promise of monogamous love is nothing but another trick of bourgeois capitalism.

Make love, not peace."

This installation made part of the festival ShabbyShabbyApartments organized by Raumlabor. It targeted the subject of affordable housing crisis, raised a debate on land ownership and suggested qualitative vernacular architecture revival in the cities.

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