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Rotterdam, NE


All repetitive and noisy daily actions have a weird power to either relax or mess up the human mind.

By capturing these situations in the videos I try to question the relation of time, routine and feelings in the urban setting. Meanwhile, the rhythmical reiteration of the view and sound strengthens the presence of people on a daily pedestal. The two scenes take place in daily

non-places - the laundry and the escalator.


The laundry acts both ways in a cyclic scheme, while the escalator - linear scheme. Usually the laundry drying takes around 10 – 12 minutes, while going up or down the Maas tunnel escalator - around 1 minute 10 seconds. But there is no real programme for time and no real measures for these activities, we assign them the definitions and values ourselves. Along with that, we own the money and time, and are very self-confident with the future, because we are able to program it. We pretend to rule it all.

But how do we feel when somebody makes us wait? And what if the place to wait serves no intimacy, only a crowd of strangers and a loud atmosphere? Can it still be beautiful and calm?

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