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The Journeys of Christian Images in Folk and Professional Art


exhibition design

‘Solely Saints’ invites you to explore depictions of saints spanning from the 16th century to contemporary times. Among them, creations by artists who refined their craft over many years of practice alongside works crafted by self-taught village artisans who fashioned these figures in accordance with their faith and individual methods and means. Some pieces emanate from a quest for piety, strength, and hope, while others embody a vision of devotion crafted solely for its own sake.

The central iconographic themes of Lithuanian folk Christian art art displayed - from universal images portraying sorrow (such as Pieta, Christ in Distress, and Crucifixion), Christian love and hope (Our Lady of Mercy), the struggle against evil (St George), and themes of repentance (St Mary Magdalene), to local imagery integral to the religious and national identity of the Lithuanian people, including Our Lady of the Gates of Dawn, Our Lady of Šiluva, and St Casimir.

The exhibition layout aims to display the multiplicities of religious interpretations by layering the artworks, whilst ignoring the chronological order and aspiring to create new aesthetic blends through the reflective surfaces that blur the boundaries of artworks as objects.



Curator - Dr. Skaidrė Urbonienė, Emilija Vanagaitė

Exhibition architect - Sigita Simona Paplauskaitė

Graphic design - Daiva Sakalauskienė

Photography - Andrius Stepankevičius

Organisers - TARTLE

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